smilelikeitsreal 23, bacha, 23. :p

smilelikeitsreal older than you bacha. :p

smilelikeitsreal please elaborate.

I haven’t posted a photo on Instagram for 20 years.

My voice is so weak. You’ll be sitting next to me and I will be shouting at ya and you’ll ask, what are you saying?

I missed you guys.


Hello. ;)

I find refuge in my speechless tongue and my heart.
The heart will wither away,
The tongue will rot,
The life will move faster than earth,
And I will be lost.


Arz kia hay,
Na hum aye, na kisi nay pocha,
Na hum aye, na kisi nay pocha,
Per hum bhi hain namakool, aye bagair bulavay ke.

Did you guys miss me? Lulz. How are you all? Please excuse the terrible shayeri.

Kher, I missed you guys. I hope life is going well for you, if not, stick to the plan and Allah will make it easier for you.